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Product Added : January 6th, 2011
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Question by lexie.rivette: 10 POINTS! HOW CAN I BUY LULU LEMON ONLINE!?
from the official website, not ebay or anything like that. PLEASE HELP! 10 pts best answer!

Best answer:

Answer by Jamie s
I am sorry, but lululemon does not take orders online. Go to the store nearest you, or you could by very similar ones at a variety of stores.


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What customers say about Lulu Lemon Online?

  1. well, like the last person said, they dont take online orders, but you could always use there locater to find the store that you are nearest to!

    Hope I helped!

  2. I don’t think LULU LEMON take online orders. Sorry that’s very inconvenient though!!

  3. That sucks that they don’t take online orders. Mom and I are going tomorrow. So I’ll look around for you and see if theres anyway to order them.
    P.S- I’ll be at school :)

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